What I do when I’m a little drunk and M’s not home…

There has been more than one occasion when I’ve been out drinking with friends, and I come back to M’s place afterward when he’s out of town. I usually end up texting him or calling him, but I also have been known to do some pretty kinky things with only one or two drinks in me.

The first time that happened I ended up in a latex catsuit.

Another time I ended up wearing a mask and latex heels.

And yet another time I ended up playing with the e-stim box.

The most recent night of drunken kink started out with what we jokingly call a “horny purchase”, with shipping promising its delivery the day before M gets back. I confessed this to M afterward, though the original intention was that it would be a surprise for the night he got back. The night ended with spandex, my favorite mask, and the e-stim box, with M watching on video chat.

M laughs about it, and acts surprised that I’d do such a thing — that I’d make a horny purchase and that I’d do such kinky things without him around. But he doesn’t complain about it too much, so I think he doesn’t mind. ;)

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