Breaking a dry spell with rubber and SEGUFIX

Life continues to get the best of M and I, keeping us both ridiculously busy. We’ve been fitting in a bit of kink here and there, visiting shops and crafters when the opportunity arises (we recently had the opportunity to stop by Latex Nemesis, for example)… but kink has been pretty sparse in our lives lately.

Rubber and bondage are two things we both enjoy a great deal, and I’ll be the first to admit, it’s been months since we’ve been able to play with either seriously. This has made both of us just a little cranky.

This weekend we broke that dry spell, though, and M was kind enough to take photos.

B in rubber

The gas mask is a favorite of mine – it includes a heavy rubber collar on it with a buckle. The catsuit is from Libidex and is made to measure. Even more exciting, though, I got to wear my all-rubber Converse. And the absolutely cherry on top was the SEGUFIX-like leg restraints (we have waist/wrist restraints as well, but M chose to use my heavy Mr. S leather wrist restraints with rope instead). They are so comfortable, quiet, and unrelentingly firm. And you really, truly can’t escape.

Rubber sneakers

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try SEGUFIX (or a knock-off) yet, I highly recommend it. It is not cheap, but it is very much worth it.

It was really wonderful to be covered head to toe in rubber again, and something I’ve missed very much. This weekend’s fun left a big smile on my face (the two orgasms probably helped a little with that, too) — hopefully we’ll get to repeat that again soon.

Rubber Converse reappear in late 2014

Long lusted by latex and rubber fetishists, the “Chuck Taylor” rubber Converse sneakers have been reissued as of September 2014. The new edition has insulation and a hip color selection. We spotted this department store display recently, shockingly these are available for order in the US! The “Elderberry” (or purple) color is a real stand out, I wonder how well these would match with Radical Rubber‘s “Metallic Purple”..

Black rubber "Chuck Taylor" Converse sneaker

Black rubber “Chuck Taylor” Converse sneaker

"Wear More Rubber" - rubber converse blue sneakers

“Wear More Rubber” – rubber converse blue sneakers

Suiting up

Life happens – we’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time away from home. Friends, family, hobbies, and other commitments have left our schedule with little time for kink. We’ve been at the point of fantasizing about an actual weekend of no obligations, instead of pervy implements or sexual torture – this is no good. Of course this is all quite telling with the low frequency of blog posts – in fact I’m writing this entry during a long 6hr road trip.

On both the adventure front and blog entries, we’re going to try to step these up. In a few weeks we’re heading to Europe for business. Thanks to some creative flight routing, we’ve been able to squeeze in a visit to thisgirl and grimly! The last (and well, frankly first) time we met was very brief, but it was thrilling to “talk shop” with like-minded couple. The spontaneous dungeon tour was a treat too!

As many latex fetishists have experienced, catsuits can be forgiving but also very revealing. They can smooth or soften things out, but if it doesn’t fit – no amount of lube or talc will remedy the situation. Recently B had a chance to don her made-to-measure Libidex alien seduction catsuit. The colors are a mixture of classic black and electric rose, a new combination in our collection. The fit is great; she is hoping to wear this at some fetish clubs in the future.


b-kinky in electric rose/black libidex alien seduction catsuit

b-kinky in electric rose/black libidex alien seduction catsuit