Visiting This Girl and Grimly

This spring B and I spent a few weeks in the UK. As a true vacation, at least for one of us, we were able to justify renting a car. This offered us the great luxury of last minute planning – handy when meeting busy perverts and kinky businesses.

We’ve been admirers of This Girl’s blog for some time now. Her well-documented journey among many perversions is entertaining, realistic, and heartfelt. This Girl and Grimly were kind enough to welcome us over to their home and dungeon space. It was very liberating to “talk shop” with a couple that shares many of the same kinky interests as ourselves. Discussions quickly centered on BDSM toys, latex wares, and homemade gear.

Grimly is a passionate engineer, eager to show off his decades of kit – each item with a background story. Grimly’s Chair displayed many parallels to JG-Leathers famous Creature (not surprising, JG is a good friend of theirs). Remote controllable, safety oriented, devious, powerful vacuum electro components, and of course – immobilization to the max.

Due to some navigational challenges, we only had a few hours to chat, but departed inspired and with months of “to do” projects. And we hope to make it back to the UK sometime soon so that we can hang out with This Girl and Grimly a bit more, as they’re both lovely, interesting people.

On a final note, Grimly’s latest adventure is his own store, Locked for Infinity. It’s well worth keeping an eye on, as Grimly makes high quality stuff and there are some exciting pieces that will eventually be available.

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