BoundCon 2016 – a newbie perspective

We recently attended “the biggest fetish fair in Germany”, otherwise known as BoundCon. This was a great excuse to meet up with some of our great friends over a single travel adventure, including JG Leathers, the Feendishs, jlatex, and several others.

The event itself is a bit surreal or.. how should we say, very German. The layout and overall vibe is very different than a North American style kinky event — trade booths and small stages took up the majority of the physical space. Workshops were advertised, but we never saw any obvious classrooms. Apparently “custom photo sessions” are also possible with well known pr0n sites. No formal dungeon or play areas were set up either, outside of vendors pitching their own equipment. This was clearly a trade faire. The crowd appeared to be a mixture of shy weekend’er 50 Shades couples, gawkers with fancy cameras, eager sponge young TNG kinksters, and super perverts with extensive kit to show off. Thankfully all of our friends easily fell into the last two categories!


JG-Leathers comforting B-Kinky

An amazing group convened around the Serious Bondage booth, we provided a bit of logistical support. Gawkers would gather to see the various real deal bondage gear, such as butterfly straight jackets, super heavy metal wrist cuffs, pussy dildo gas mask attachments … all pretty much standard Serious Bondage set accessories. The wonderful artist Strange Hobbies was kind enough to orchestrate several fiberglass casting demos in the booth. Petgirl_Kako was done up as a puppy on Saturday and carted around the event, while B-Kinky volunteered as full body cast victim on Sunday.


Studio Gum mask

I enjoyed some extensive chat time with Richard from Latex101. It was very refreshing to have a FUD-free discussion around latex lubes and shines, and we’re very interested to try beGloss shine in the future. It was neat to see a huge selection of Studio Gum masks and accessories available for testing. B ended up testing a tongue mouth “gag” and confirming that a custom sized hood would be best for her measurements.  

The event isn’t perfect – and frankly isn’t geared for foreigners at all. The program guide was entirely in Deutsch – which is a shame, since all of the vendors we interacted with spoke perfectly acceptable English. Our multi-day ticket did not include access to a buffet (additional VIP ticket required), where apparently the quality started high on Friday to sliding significantly low by Sunday. We ended up at the only food

6mm thick latex mask (Studio Gum)

6mm thick latex mask (Studio Gum)

vendor stall a few times with currywurst or potato salad with meatballs – warm and affordable, but with no competition and limited selection. No cold or gas-free water was available – again, normal in Europe, but not so much for foreigners who don’t enjoy bubbly water. It seemed as though the venue location is chosen in an expressly remote location, no S or U-bahn transit nearby – not even a close hotel. Receiving tickets by post in 2016 was also a bit strange too.

BoundCon does have one thing going for it, as a one-stop shop for super niche pervy products … such as Studio Gum’s 6mm thick latex masks, forced leg spreading “systems”, intense No Escape straightjackets of any imaginable material. Overall, attending just the event would not be justified for us – however, having it also function as a sort of pervert meet-up event with our friends worked out perfectly.


Review: Demonia – Paris, France

Demonia is located in a residential neighborhood of Paris. We found a rather large shop, with a huge diversity of the items. In particular PVC was prominent, some latex (mostly molded), decent selection of e-stim wares, and of course the usual lubes, toys, and low quality leather restraints. They did however have a wide variety of latex-friendly lubes and even some cleaning liquids.

Most of the clothing was sized appropriately for Parisians, small to medium ranges – nothing that would fit larger body types.

(Visited November 2014)

Review: McHurt – Berlin, Germany

McHurt is a Berlin-based BDSM shop that specializes in their own leather creations. These range from the usual cuffs, paddles, hoods – to slightly more extreme designs, such as straightjackets, sleepsacks, and related restrictive implements. The quality of the material and designs is of a high standard – we witnessed an extensive fitting of a straightjacket that clearly lasted over twenty minutes.

IMG_2756 IMG_2762

The McHurt strength is clearly leather goods, they stock a few metal, estim, and insertable items – but it’s not a universal appeal BDSM shop. The shop location is a few blocks from a walkable U-Bahn line.

(Visited in late December 2014)

Sealed for her pleasure

Truth be told, we were in the midst of a pervy dry spell. Life distractions had taken their toll – horny purchases would trickle in every few months, reminding us of our past perversions… but it had been a good half-year since we had a truly kinky weekend. We agreed to no more excuses, upon my return from a weeklong business trip – the kinky weekend would commence; it was even scheduled on our calendars!

During my trip I had stumbled upon a very fair price for a used Mr. S Leather sleepsack, the gold standard purveyor of bondage goods. Even though the sack was used, it was in great condition – complete with several extensive options… inside smooth leather lining, prickle tit flaps, leg cushion, rear zipper – even a set of body straps. The sleepsack was due to arrive the day before my return home flight, giving just enough time for B to plan an adventure.

We had a few video chats during my absence, with a few mentions of kink but mostly talking about the usual vanilla couple chitchat. She was nice enough to pick me up from the airport, normally an hour plus transit ride. Our drive home was uneventful, no mention or any hints of my adventure to begin soon.

Once we arrived home, she strongly advised that I take a shower and not enter the bedroom – it was then that I quickly perked up a bit and knew something… maybe a 30 minute or 3 hour session was forthcoming, I didn’t know. It had been so long, that I was game for just about anything. We have certain signature hints when one of us would like a bit of kink spark, the not so subtle bathroom door sound during a shower meant a spandex suit was dropped off – this time for me to wear.

B instructed me to close my eyes and led me up the stairs to our bedroom, she was watching for any peeking. At the top I was told to turn around, facing away from the bedroom. She placed bandage eye patches over each of my eyes, each patch was deployed carefully to not pinch or stretch the skin too much – B wanted these to be comfortable. Usually we’d rush such dramatics, but this time she was precise and had a certain dominating calmness. I was led over to our bed and nudged to lie down. The sack’s D-rings quickly chimed to indicate that it was deployed and ready to receive me.

Her instructions became slightly firmer, moving me into the sack – she made sure that my hands were fed properly into the side sleeves. I noticed that her hands were covered with latex gloves; she sneakily put these on without me hearing. The lack of direct skin contact was as strong signal that I was the slave tonight; she was in complete control – physical contact had to be earned.

She knew I needed time to become mentally comfortable with my confinement, so much of the preparing would happen while zipped up – not before. This advanced model sleepsack included a pressure pad to place between the knees, the intention of which is to provide a barrier from skin rubbing against each other. My spandex suit also helped provide some basic protection, if not also a way to soak up the buckets of sweat that would naturally occur. Once the 3-way zipper was pulled up just under my chin, I could a ratcheting sound. B had chosen to use tie down straps, again knowing that the auditory sound would communicate serious business. These were not as loud as chain and more dramatic then rope being tied off – the straps prevented me leaning up or lifting my legs. She had some fancy webbing or trickery performed, as pillows were placed under my legs and behind my neck – neither of which slid around at all.

She commanded me with a soft but firm tone – “Slave, you are to refer to me as Mistress. Your mistress is in complete control of the slave. Do you understand?”. I gulped and quickly barked back “Yes, Mistress – thank you mistress”.

“For every hour you spend in either sack, another month will be added before your vacbed appointment. The mistress knows how scared the slave is about trying out the vacbed; this is your way to earn a time extension.” I was both relieved and scared about this offering.. we had purchased a latex vacbed for her own use several months ago, but provided specific measurements that would facilitate either of our heights. I was a bit too scared for that sort of intense equipment, and she was giving me a bit of leeway – I was certainly not going to waste this opportunity. After a few seconds, I processed this offer and responded with “Yes, Mistress – thank you for the opportunity to serve you, mistress.”

She let me squirm for around 5 minutes, but it felt like half an hour or longer.. no foot walking sounds, subtle chair movements, where the only restraint dangling noises were self inflicted. B started rubbing my balls, again with rubber coated hands – making me yearn for skin contact. The curse of the switching couple, she knew exactly how to push my buttons well.

B rubbed on a concoction of lube on the head of my cock, only pulling back a minimal section of foreskin. The lube felt a bit tingly or different, I assumed she had a new brand to try out. After the head was sufficiently coated, I hear her swap on a new pair of gloves. Once again lube was spread excessively around my balls. For some reason she has entirely skipped a large portion of my enlarged cock…

New to the routine was a spreading of a thick gel or jelly around my groin, scotrum, and down towards my buttock. I later found out that jelly was protection against the sack’s zippers. Completing the procedure, she slid on an external catheter – now the barren shaft made sense, she wanted the maximum amount of seal, thus free of any lube. Around this time it became apparent that a mixture of silicone lube and numbing spray had been applied to the head, though it felt as though the radio skewed more towards the spray then the lube! I could hardly feel a thing; B has mixed up an effective solution to mute any physical sensations.

A small preparation break was given, this time I could hear B rumbling around for the next phase, the noises of gloves, metal, and further restraints could be deciphered. She returned to my face, smearing a lemon flavored balm around my lips. I was getting used to all touches with the ever-present latex gloves. Her balm coating covered the top, bottom, and edges of my lips. A spandex hood was slid over my head, it only had a small mouth hole – no openings for my patched eyes, ears, or nose. I felt a familiar drinking bite grip hit my lip, I leaned slightly forward to take a sip.

“The slave will have to drink enough to fill this bag to continue the next phase of treatment, take your time slave .. As you know, the Mistress is in complete control and has an entire weekend planned for your serving.” 

Couples that kit together

Perverts, fetishists, and bondage enthusiasts are people too. Online voyeurism shields us from day jobs, families, and many other distractions outside of kink. But a few months ago, we spent a full weekend with this girl and Grimly. Even with a Friday arrival and Monday departure, we only managed 2 or 3 hours of actual bondage! Some would measure the brevity as a failure, but by our own metrics we had an awesome and inspiring visit. Who cares about torture time, when ideas can be exchanged to execute back home without any time restraints (pun intended).

It’s difficult to capture the geekiness that resulted when proud perverted couples “talk shop” amongst themselves. Heckling about meat eaters, programming languages, e-stim box size, gas mask collections, and much more filled our weekend. We had the pleasure of meeting the couple behind jlatex (of fame) and anne_Omalley during this short jaunt too.

B got to try a vacbed for the first time ever; I’m a bit too claustrophobic for a full-body version myself – maybe a neck gasket model would work better for us both. Grimly, as always, is an excellent guru: not only assembling the bed quickly but also talking through various safety precautions. B reported falling “instantly into headspace” due to the lack of senses, where breathing was the primary – if only – focus for her encased latex body. Apparently she enjoyed the experience enough to start lusting after Kink Engineering designs a few days later!

The famous Feendish dungeon is full of too many toys to explore, though, including antique violet wands.


And during a short “photo shoot”, a number of DIY and home built kit was hauled out for “props”. A vintage electric shaver turns into a very affordable Eroscillator knock-off, where the loud buzzing adds an audible torture aspect.

I also really enjoyed “guys time” with Grimly, who walked me through the Locked for Infinity workspace. It’s clear the L4I product vision is rooted in safety, quality, and practicality.

Ironically I’m writing this post on a daylong train ride – thousands of miles away from both Scotland and America. Finding time to chronicle our own adventures is best done in dramatic landscape changes, where distractions are minimal – thanks to nonexistent data coverage.

We look forward to seeing the gang from Scotland again soon… hopefully next time for a fortnight!