b-sleepsack-circuit-maskThis photo is of me from a few months ago. M had his leather sleepsack prior to introducing me to kink, so it’s sized for him – but I really like sleepsacks, and absolutely love being bound tight, so we make it work. M ties the straps as tightly as he can, and will sometimes add additional rope or chain to get it as snug as possible.

(The mask in this photo is a wonderfully nerdy Micro-Breathe Latex Enclosure Hood with laser etched circuits from Kink Engineering.¬†We’ll try to do another post just about that mask, though.)

I think part of what I love about being bound up like that is that not only does it just feel good, but it also feels safe. Perhaps a little ironic given that it renders me helpless and under the total control of whoever has me tied up (which is just M), but it’s really amazing and feels great. And yes, I can actually fall asleep in a sleepsack (though I have yet to sleep the entire night in one, because one of us eventually dictates my early release… hopefully one day I’ll make it through the night tied up!). M has even come home on more than one occasion to find me already tucked into a sleepsack, waiting for him.

This might also help explain why I like straightjackets and also am really looking forward to M wrapping me up in plastic wrap and duct tape at some point (partly to make a sleepsack template, and partly just for the fun of it).

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