Last Night

Despite being exhausted from work this week, last night was a perfect storm (post-“shark week” + watching Masters of Sex = give me all the sex!). I mentioned this to M while we were showering and getting ready to head to bed. While he was still in the shower, and I was on my way to the bedroom, he asked if I was going to put some spandex on. “Maybe,” I said.

That maybe was, in fact, a “yes.”

When M came to bed, I said something about taking care of myself if he was too tired, and I grabbed a spandex mask and the Eroscillator. I pulled the mask over my head, applied lube, and flipped the switch. M let me play with myself a bit, but of course he took control.

It’s a little bit of  a blur now. A grin on my face all day kind of blur. He barked orders at me to place my hands where they belonged (the top of the bed frame) and not move them. He teased me with the vibrator, with his cock, with his fingers, and with his tongue. He made me beg to come. Really fucking beg. And after I came, waves of pleasure crashing over me, we laid quietly for awhile.

I asked, just above a whisper, if I was allowed to worship his cock now.

“Yes,” he said, “But you need to wear gloves.”

He helped me into the latex gloves before I crawled between his legs and began kissing and teasing and putting everything I had left into pleasing him. At one point he demanded I get on top of him and ride his cock.

“Sit up. Hands behind your back,” he demanded. I obeyed, of course. He unzipped the front of the spandex suit and roughly grabbed my nipples and breasts, torturing my tits. “Beg for more,” he said. And I did.

It felt amazing. He stopped short, though, and allowed me to crawl back down him to continue where I had left off.

It’s important to know how much I love sucking M’s cock. Whether topping or bottoming, exhausted or energized, I would suck M’s beautiful cock just about anywhere or anytime. In fact, it’s a bit of an exhibitionist fantasy of mine not to have sex in public, but certainly to suck M’s cock in front of other people. When I ask permission to worship his cock, I truly do worship it.

When he came, I kept him in my mouth as he went completely soft, lips gently wrapped around his cock, my cheek pressed to his thigh. I didn’t move till he asked me to come up and lay next to him.

We both agreed it would have been even better with latex and some restraints (M later confessed to almost breaking out the bondage mittens), but it otherwise hit just the right note for having some fun on a school night and satisfying my craving for sex.

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