I’d never had a strong desire to try casting prior to BoundCon this year. Really, it had only been over the last two weeks that I’d been curious to try it all — and even then, I only had my hands or forearms in mind.

But then my dear friend petgirl_kako was cast as a pup on Saturday and it was absolutely amazing to watch. Intense, complex, and kind of terrifying — I couldn’t imagine what it had been like for her. But it was also so amazing to watch from start to finish.

Later that night, hanging out in our hotel living room with all of our friends, she brought up the idea. They had enough fiberglass casting material to do a full body cast of someone on Sunday — and maybe I should do it. I thought about it, and then said, “Fuck it – you only live once, so yes, let’s do it!”

It was kind of a spur of the moment decision, but my ability to say yes to that experience started years ago. The thing is, I’m not particularly into casting. I don’t have a strong desire to do it again (though I probably would not turn down future opportunities). The appeal to it, as I explained to M afterward, was both the novelty and the vulnerability.

Vulnerability is the key thing. I had only been truly vulnerable with M in the past. Only within the last year have I started to really develop close kinky friends — friends I would consider family, even. Friends that I would trust enough to be truly vulnerable with. And they were all at BoundCon. And many of them were involved in the casting.

I never could have done it without that amazing group of people, both new friends and old friends alike. To do it, I had to completely trust them, and by completely trusting them, they helped me have an amazing and unique experience.

For those curious about what it was like… well, it was a lot like a completely rigid sleep sack that takes over an hour to put on, at least 15 minutes and a saw to get out of, and costs several hundred dollars for a one-time use experience. But I guarantee, it’s a very unique and intense experience.

A tremendous thank you to my kinky friends & family, including (but not limited to!), Strangehobbies and Grimly_Feendish for the casting, Serious Bondage for the opportunity, Elise Graves, jlatex, Mrs_Feendish, anne_Omalley, and especially petgirl_kako. The biggest thank you, though, goes to my partner M — he thought I was crazy for signing up for this, but was also there for the multi hour process and experience, checking in on me constantly, and taking care of me afterward.

Neck to toes body cast for Serious Bondage

Hanging out at Serious Bondage booth

jlatex, petgirl_kako, and b-kinky

Strangehobbies and b-kinky

Getting out of the body cast

BoundCon 2016 – a newbie perspective

We recently attended “the biggest fetish fair in Germany”, otherwise known as BoundCon. This was a great excuse to meet up with some of our great friends over a single travel adventure, including JG Leathers, the Feendishs, jlatex, and several others.

The event itself is a bit surreal or.. how should we say, very German. The layout and overall vibe is very different than a North American style kinky event — trade booths and small stages took up the majority of the physical space. Workshops were advertised, but we never saw any obvious classrooms. Apparently “custom photo sessions” are also possible with well known pr0n sites. No formal dungeon or play areas were set up either, outside of vendors pitching their own equipment. This was clearly a trade faire. The crowd appeared to be a mixture of shy weekend’er 50 Shades couples, gawkers with fancy cameras, eager sponge young TNG kinksters, and super perverts with extensive kit to show off. Thankfully all of our friends easily fell into the last two categories!


JG-Leathers comforting B-Kinky

An amazing group convened around the Serious Bondage booth, we provided a bit of logistical support. Gawkers would gather to see the various real deal bondage gear, such as butterfly straight jackets, super heavy metal wrist cuffs, pussy dildo gas mask attachments … all pretty much standard Serious Bondage set accessories. The wonderful artist Strange Hobbies was kind enough to orchestrate several fiberglass casting demos in the booth. Petgirl_Kako was done up as a puppy on Saturday and carted around the event, while B-Kinky volunteered as full body cast victim on Sunday.


Studio Gum mask

I enjoyed some extensive chat time with Richard from Latex101. It was very refreshing to have a FUD-free discussion around latex lubes and shines, and we’re very interested to try beGloss shine in the future. It was neat to see a huge selection of Studio Gum masks and accessories available for testing. B ended up testing a tongue mouth “gag” and confirming that a custom sized hood would be best for her measurements.  

The event isn’t perfect – and frankly isn’t geared for foreigners at all. The program guide was entirely in Deutsch – which is a shame, since all of the vendors we interacted with spoke perfectly acceptable English. Our multi-day ticket did not include access to a buffet (additional VIP ticket required), where apparently the quality started high on Friday to sliding significantly low by Sunday. We ended up at the only food

6mm thick latex mask (Studio Gum)

6mm thick latex mask (Studio Gum)

vendor stall a few times with currywurst or potato salad with meatballs – warm and affordable, but with no competition and limited selection. No cold or gas-free water was available – again, normal in Europe, but not so much for foreigners who don’t enjoy bubbly water. It seemed as though the venue location is chosen in an expressly remote location, no S or U-bahn transit nearby – not even a close hotel. Receiving tickets by post in 2016 was also a bit strange too.

BoundCon does have one thing going for it, as a one-stop shop for super niche pervy products … such as Studio Gum’s 6mm thick latex masks, forced leg spreading “systems”, intense No Escape straightjackets of any imaginable material. Overall, attending just the event would not be justified for us – however, having it also function as a sort of pervert meet-up event with our friends worked out perfectly.