BoundCon 2016 – a newbie perspective

We recently attended “the biggest fetish fair in Germany”, otherwise known as BoundCon. This was a great excuse to meet up with some of our great friends over a single travel adventure, including JG Leathers, the Feendishs, jlatex, and several others.

The event itself is a bit surreal or.. how should we say, very German. The layout and overall vibe is very different than a North American style kinky event — trade booths and small stages took up the majority of the physical space. Workshops were advertised, but we never saw any obvious classrooms. Apparently “custom photo sessions” are also possible with well known pr0n sites. No formal dungeon or play areas were set up either, outside of vendors pitching their own equipment. This was clearly a trade faire. The crowd appeared to be a mixture of shy weekend’er 50 Shades couples, gawkers with fancy cameras, eager sponge young TNG kinksters, and super perverts with extensive kit to show off. Thankfully all of our friends easily fell into the last two categories!


JG-Leathers comforting B-Kinky

An amazing group convened around the Serious Bondage booth, we provided a bit of logistical support. Gawkers would gather to see the various real deal bondage gear, such as butterfly straight jackets, super heavy metal wrist cuffs, pussy dildo gas mask attachments … all pretty much standard Serious Bondage set accessories. The wonderful artist Strange Hobbies was kind enough to orchestrate several fiberglass casting demos in the booth. Petgirl_Kako was done up as a puppy on Saturday and carted around the event, while B-Kinky volunteered as full body cast victim on Sunday.


Studio Gum mask

I enjoyed some extensive chat time with Richard from Latex101. It was very refreshing to have a FUD-free discussion around latex lubes and shines, and we’re very interested to try beGloss shine in the future. It was neat to see a huge selection of Studio Gum masks and accessories available for testing. B ended up testing a tongue mouth “gag” and confirming that a custom sized hood would be best for her measurements.  

The event isn’t perfect – and frankly isn’t geared for foreigners at all. The program guide was entirely in Deutsch – which is a shame, since all of the vendors we interacted with spoke perfectly acceptable English. Our multi-day ticket did not include access to a buffet (additional VIP ticket required), where apparently the quality started high on Friday to sliding significantly low by Sunday. We ended up at the only food

6mm thick latex mask (Studio Gum)

6mm thick latex mask (Studio Gum)

vendor stall a few times with currywurst or potato salad with meatballs – warm and affordable, but with no competition and limited selection. No cold or gas-free water was available – again, normal in Europe, but not so much for foreigners who don’t enjoy bubbly water. It seemed as though the venue location is chosen in an expressly remote location, no S or U-bahn transit nearby – not even a close hotel. Receiving tickets by post in 2016 was also a bit strange too.

BoundCon does have one thing going for it, as a one-stop shop for super niche pervy products … such as Studio Gum’s 6mm thick latex masks, forced leg spreading “systems”, intense No Escape straightjackets of any imaginable material. Overall, attending just the event would not be justified for us – however, having it also function as a sort of pervert meet-up event with our friends worked out perfectly.


Review: Demonia – Paris, France

Demonia is located in a residential neighborhood of Paris. We found a rather large shop, with a huge diversity of the items. In particular PVC was prominent, some latex (mostly molded), decent selection of e-stim wares, and of course the usual lubes, toys, and low quality leather restraints. They did however have a wide variety of latex-friendly lubes and even some cleaning liquids.

Most of the clothing was sized appropriately for Parisians, small to medium ranges – nothing that would fit larger body types.

(Visited November 2014)

Review: McHurt – Berlin, Germany

McHurt is a Berlin-based BDSM shop that specializes in their own leather creations. These range from the usual cuffs, paddles, hoods – to slightly more extreme designs, such as straightjackets, sleepsacks, and related restrictive implements. The quality of the material and designs is of a high standard – we witnessed an extensive fitting of a straightjacket that clearly lasted over twenty minutes.

IMG_2756 IMG_2762

The McHurt strength is clearly leather goods, they stock a few metal, estim, and insertable items – but it’s not a universal appeal BDSM shop. The shop location is a few blocks from a walkable U-Bahn line.

(Visited in late December 2014)

Shiny Boots


I’ve been meaning to write about my nice shiny Dr. Marten boots for a few months now. I’ve had a pair of the rubber Drench boots in matte green for awhile, and they are awesome. Particularly as both M and I enjoy both Dr. Marten boots and rubber, we were very excited when they first became available.

Fast forward to a post-Burning Man boot cleaning incident where I thought I’d destroyed my green boots (pro pervert tip: don’t let rubber soak in water because it’ll temporarily discolor and you’ll freak out). Of course this happens before we head to Europe, where I had wanted to wear my lovely rubber boots.

In my hunt for some replacement boots, I discovered that a new version of the Drench was available – in a nice-and-shiny finish. Unfortunately, they were only available in Europe. Lucky for me, I was about to spend some time there and a friend we planned to visit was kind enough to receive them and hold onto them for me.

The boots themselves are very comfy, though potentially a bit too warm in the heat – I had previously worn my green pair to Folsom Street Festival two years ago and it was a bit much. But that makes them all the more lovely in the winter and the rain. If you’re not in the UK, good luck getting a pair of the patent finish ones… it is worth the effort, though, if you’re into shiny rubber. ;)


Despite being exhausted after a long day of travel, we finally got around to testing a new toy out earlier this week when I found a horny M all ready to go in his spandex, the leather sleepsack, and a latex mask when I came to bed.

I quickly zipped him up. Digging around in our kinky travel case, I finally found what I was after: the Zap electro ball stretcher by Oxballs.

M had purchased the Zap sometime in the past month or two, along with a new set of rubber mittens (and a locking rubber penis prison, which will be reviewed soon!), from Los Angeles based Stockroom. We hadn’t had a chance to try it, however, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to test it. I quickly wiped it clean (we had been showing it off to kinky friends during our trip) and pulled out the electro gel. M also confirmed at this time that his hands were free — something that I had to remedy with those new rubber mittens he had purchased.

Unzipping the lower part of the sleepsack encasing M, I realized he had already put two Oxballs Screwballs on — one around both his cock and balls, and the second around just his balls.

It’s important to note that the Zap is similar to 2 Screwballs stacked on top of each other, meaning it does give a nice stretch… but it also makes it more difficult to put on. Deciding to leave the Screwballs on M for now, I added both metal contacts to the toy (it can be used as a single pole as well), a liberal amount of electro gel to both it and him, and just slid the Zap down his cock. I then zipped up the sleepsack around him, but leaving him exposed.

I pulled out our 2B box and plugged him in. After a bit of a false start (problem with the cables), I finally had him beginning to moan and whimper and thrust. I eventually switched the e-stim box to my favorite mode, Training, and increased the power as much as he could stand it.

The interesting thing about the sleepsack, the Zap, and M’s thrusting is that it ended up being extra mean. The Zap would catch on the zipper of the sleepsack with each thrust, pushing it and M’s skin up and down his cock while the e-stim continued. Eventually exhaustion began to overwhelm me despite enjoying the torture session and considering my options, I added some silicone lube to the tip of his cock before wrapping my hand and mouth around him.

Now M describes the experience as “intense… both pleasurable and painful.” At the time, though, all he could do between the whimpers of pleasure was choke out “you’re so mean” and “that feels so good.”

So, despite not using the Zap exactly as originally intended, I think we’ll be using it a lot more now that we’ve given it a try. It was harder for him to get off in the end, but ultimately it seems like it was a much more intense orgasm as a result. That’s an obvious win by our measurements.

Review + Hack: Oxballs Sacksling

I don’t entirely remember where we discovered the Oxballs brand, likely from a stroll at Mr. S or a horny 2am Fort Troff shopping binge. Their designs are quite unique and I’m told much of the early products were made within the US.

One product in particular caught our kinky interest – the Sacksling “electro” edition. Our unit has a frosted silicone material sack with two removable conductive “contact” points.Oxballs Slingsack closeup These are shaped as small circles, about the diameter of small denomination currency coins. The mating connection is a female 4mm banana plug. The intention of the product is to “zap up” some pain across the scrotal area on the flat ball facing side of the metal contacts. The design is perfect for rapid deployment, as being bi-polar means no searching for another body part to complete the circuit.

After a number of test runs, we discovered a major flaw – unless your balls are making solid direct contact, the e-stim can come across as very aggressive jolts (which may be the desired outcome for some masochists) instead of more soothing electro torture. This is especially relevant in non-standing positions, where gravity may not necessarily be on your side (again, choose your own adventure when it comes to electro torture). Conductive lube is critical for this application, sweat can easily build up in the sack – we use Spectra 360 gel.

As we fancy ourselves as geeky types, we ended up adding a layer of Sugru to narrow the distance between the sack and contacting balls. Oxballs Sacksling Sugru hackSugru is a rubber-cement like product, think of it as Play-doh for adults that’s designed to harden on purpose. It’s a very popular crafting tool in the maker scene, with the added benefit of being safe against body contact too! The hack is simple and effective enough to tone down the jolting.

One word of caution, the material of the sling is prone to rip easily and also doesn’t play well with other materials. We had one sling that had extreme discoloring only after a few months of infrequent use. Storing separate from other tools does appear to minimize the color changes.