Breaking a dry spell with rubber and SEGUFIX

Life continues to get the best of M and I, keeping us both ridiculously busy. We’ve been fitting in a bit of kink here and there, visiting shops and crafters when the opportunity arises (we recently had the opportunity to stop by Latex Nemesis, for example)… but kink has been pretty sparse in our lives lately.

Rubber and bondage are two things we both enjoy a great deal, and I’ll be the first to admit, it’s been months since we’ve been able to play with either seriously. This has made both of us just a little cranky.

This weekend we broke that dry spell, though, and M was kind enough to take photos.

B in rubber

The gas mask is a favorite of mine – it includes a heavy rubber collar on it with a buckle. The catsuit is from Libidex and is made to measure. Even more exciting, though, I got to wear my all-rubber Converse. And the absolutely cherry on top was the SEGUFIX-like leg restraints (we have waist/wrist restraints as well, but M chose to use my heavy Mr. S leather wrist restraints with rope instead). They are so comfortable, quiet, and unrelentingly firm. And you really, truly can’t escape.

Rubber sneakers

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try SEGUFIX (or a knock-off) yet, I highly recommend it. It is not cheap, but it is very much worth it.

It was really wonderful to be covered head to toe in rubber again, and something I’ve missed very much. This weekend’s fun left a big smile on my face (the two orgasms probably helped a little with that, too) — hopefully we’ll get to repeat that again soon.

Sealed for her pleasure

Truth be told, we were in the midst of a pervy dry spell. Life distractions had taken their toll – horny purchases would trickle in every few months, reminding us of our past perversions… but it had been a good half-year since we had a truly kinky weekend. We agreed to no more excuses, upon my return from a weeklong business trip – the kinky weekend would commence; it was even scheduled on our calendars!

During my trip I had stumbled upon a very fair price for a used Mr. S Leather sleepsack, the gold standard purveyor of bondage goods. Even though the sack was used, it was in great condition – complete with several extensive options… inside smooth leather lining, prickle tit flaps, leg cushion, rear zipper – even a set of body straps. The sleepsack was due to arrive the day before my return home flight, giving just enough time for B to plan an adventure.

We had a few video chats during my absence, with a few mentions of kink but mostly talking about the usual vanilla couple chitchat. She was nice enough to pick me up from the airport, normally an hour plus transit ride. Our drive home was uneventful, no mention or any hints of my adventure to begin soon.

Once we arrived home, she strongly advised that I take a shower and not enter the bedroom – it was then that I quickly perked up a bit and knew something… maybe a 30 minute or 3 hour session was forthcoming, I didn’t know. It had been so long, that I was game for just about anything. We have certain signature hints when one of us would like a bit of kink spark, the not so subtle bathroom door sound during a shower meant a spandex suit was dropped off – this time for me to wear.

B instructed me to close my eyes and led me up the stairs to our bedroom, she was watching for any peeking. At the top I was told to turn around, facing away from the bedroom. She placed bandage eye patches over each of my eyes, each patch was deployed carefully to not pinch or stretch the skin too much – B wanted these to be comfortable. Usually we’d rush such dramatics, but this time she was precise and had a certain dominating calmness. I was led over to our bed and nudged to lie down. The sack’s D-rings quickly chimed to indicate that it was deployed and ready to receive me.

Her instructions became slightly firmer, moving me into the sack – she made sure that my hands were fed properly into the side sleeves. I noticed that her hands were covered with latex gloves; she sneakily put these on without me hearing. The lack of direct skin contact was as strong signal that I was the slave tonight; she was in complete control – physical contact had to be earned.

She knew I needed time to become mentally comfortable with my confinement, so much of the preparing would happen while zipped up – not before. This advanced model sleepsack included a pressure pad to place between the knees, the intention of which is to provide a barrier from skin rubbing against each other. My spandex suit also helped provide some basic protection, if not also a way to soak up the buckets of sweat that would naturally occur. Once the 3-way zipper was pulled up just under my chin, I could a ratcheting sound. B had chosen to use tie down straps, again knowing that the auditory sound would communicate serious business. These were not as loud as chain and more dramatic then rope being tied off – the straps prevented me leaning up or lifting my legs. She had some fancy webbing or trickery performed, as pillows were placed under my legs and behind my neck – neither of which slid around at all.

She commanded me with a soft but firm tone – “Slave, you are to refer to me as Mistress. Your mistress is in complete control of the slave. Do you understand?”. I gulped and quickly barked back “Yes, Mistress – thank you mistress”.

“For every hour you spend in either sack, another month will be added before your vacbed appointment. The mistress knows how scared the slave is about trying out the vacbed; this is your way to earn a time extension.” I was both relieved and scared about this offering.. we had purchased a latex vacbed for her own use several months ago, but provided specific measurements that would facilitate either of our heights. I was a bit too scared for that sort of intense equipment, and she was giving me a bit of leeway – I was certainly not going to waste this opportunity. After a few seconds, I processed this offer and responded with “Yes, Mistress – thank you for the opportunity to serve you, mistress.”

She let me squirm for around 5 minutes, but it felt like half an hour or longer.. no foot walking sounds, subtle chair movements, where the only restraint dangling noises were self inflicted. B started rubbing my balls, again with rubber coated hands – making me yearn for skin contact. The curse of the switching couple, she knew exactly how to push my buttons well.

B rubbed on a concoction of lube on the head of my cock, only pulling back a minimal section of foreskin. The lube felt a bit tingly or different, I assumed she had a new brand to try out. After the head was sufficiently coated, I hear her swap on a new pair of gloves. Once again lube was spread excessively around my balls. For some reason she has entirely skipped a large portion of my enlarged cock…

New to the routine was a spreading of a thick gel or jelly around my groin, scotrum, and down towards my buttock. I later found out that jelly was protection against the sack’s zippers. Completing the procedure, she slid on an external catheter – now the barren shaft made sense, she wanted the maximum amount of seal, thus free of any lube. Around this time it became apparent that a mixture of silicone lube and numbing spray had been applied to the head, though it felt as though the radio skewed more towards the spray then the lube! I could hardly feel a thing; B has mixed up an effective solution to mute any physical sensations.

A small preparation break was given, this time I could hear B rumbling around for the next phase, the noises of gloves, metal, and further restraints could be deciphered. She returned to my face, smearing a lemon flavored balm around my lips. I was getting used to all touches with the ever-present latex gloves. Her balm coating covered the top, bottom, and edges of my lips. A spandex hood was slid over my head, it only had a small mouth hole – no openings for my patched eyes, ears, or nose. I felt a familiar drinking bite grip hit my lip, I leaned slightly forward to take a sip.

“The slave will have to drink enough to fill this bag to continue the next phase of treatment, take your time slave .. As you know, the Mistress is in complete control and has an entire weekend planned for your serving.” 

My Wish List

This is a dangerous post to make because I know it’ll be used against me (I hope!). And I’ll probably get into some amount of trouble for not mentioning this post to M, and letting him discover it on his own (hi, hon!).

But, you see, M teases me about only being into kink for his sake. I don’t know if he really understands how much I enjoy it, and that while I might have been new to kink when we first met, I’d been kink-curious for awhile. I was just waiting for the right person — someone that I felt I could trust.

And really, that’s a key thing for me. Trust. You trust your partner, be they top or bottom, with not just your physical health but your mental and emotional health as well, and that is no small thing. Certainly not for me, and likely not for many people. I’m very, very, very lucky in that I can trust M in the way I do, because I honestly never thought I’d find someone like that.

But back to the topic of wish lists! :)

In no particular order, M, any of the following would make me one very happy girl…

  • A nice, long spanking session (maybe with the McHurt paddle?) accompanied by my favorite gag and my heavy Mr. S wrist restraints
  • Several hours of tight sleepsack bondage on the couch with estim and my Blackstyle gasmask with eye covers
  • Hogtied on the bed wearing my favorite spandex, rubber Converse, and a gasmask while you ignore me and continue to work on your computer next to me
  • Wrapped up in plastic wrap with a latex mask (the duct tape might be a bit much the first time…)
  • Tied to the bed, spread eagle, in a latex catsuit, rubber Dr Marten boots, rubber bondage mittens, and a gasmask
  • Some time in the vacbed with estim, perhaps with some ice cubes involved…
  • When we need the house cleaned, perhaps you could motivate me with some rubber and some orgasm denial/reward
  • A full night in the sleepsack
  • Making me lick your rubber boots clean and punishing me if I miss a spot
  • Arranging certain other discussed fantasies that I’m too shy to admit to anyone else

Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive, and more wish list items might be teased out of me under certain circumstances. These also, obviously, exclude my very long wish list of things I would love to do to you, M — but should you want me to post that list, I’d be more than happy to oblige.



Shiny Boots


I’ve been meaning to write about my nice shiny Dr. Marten boots for a few months now. I’ve had a pair of the rubber Drench boots in matte green for awhile, and they are awesome. Particularly as both M and I enjoy both Dr. Marten boots and rubber, we were very excited when they first became available.

Fast forward to a post-Burning Man boot cleaning incident where I thought I’d destroyed my green boots (pro pervert tip: don’t let rubber soak in water because it’ll temporarily discolor and you’ll freak out). Of course this happens before we head to Europe, where I had wanted to wear my lovely rubber boots.

In my hunt for some replacement boots, I discovered that a new version of the Drench was available – in a nice-and-shiny finish. Unfortunately, they were only available in Europe. Lucky for me, I was about to spend some time there and a friend we planned to visit was kind enough to receive them and hold onto them for me.

The boots themselves are very comfy, though potentially a bit too warm in the heat – I had previously worn my green pair to Folsom Street Festival two years ago and it was a bit much. But that makes them all the more lovely in the winter and the rain. If you’re not in the UK, good luck getting a pair of the patent finish ones… it is worth the effort, though, if you’re into shiny rubber. ;)

Couples that kit together

Perverts, fetishists, and bondage enthusiasts are people too. Online voyeurism shields us from day jobs, families, and many other distractions outside of kink. But a few months ago, we spent a full weekend with this girl and Grimly. Even with a Friday arrival and Monday departure, we only managed 2 or 3 hours of actual bondage! Some would measure the brevity as a failure, but by our own metrics we had an awesome and inspiring visit. Who cares about torture time, when ideas can be exchanged to execute back home without any time restraints (pun intended).

It’s difficult to capture the geekiness that resulted when proud perverted couples “talk shop” amongst themselves. Heckling about meat eaters, programming languages, e-stim box size, gas mask collections, and much more filled our weekend. We had the pleasure of meeting the couple behind jlatex (of fame) and anne_Omalley during this short jaunt too.

B got to try a vacbed for the first time ever; I’m a bit too claustrophobic for a full-body version myself – maybe a neck gasket model would work better for us both. Grimly, as always, is an excellent guru: not only assembling the bed quickly but also talking through various safety precautions. B reported falling “instantly into headspace” due to the lack of senses, where breathing was the primary – if only – focus for her encased latex body. Apparently she enjoyed the experience enough to start lusting after Kink Engineering designs a few days later!

The famous Feendish dungeon is full of too many toys to explore, though, including antique violet wands.


And during a short “photo shoot”, a number of DIY and home built kit was hauled out for “props”. A vintage electric shaver turns into a very affordable Eroscillator knock-off, where the loud buzzing adds an audible torture aspect.

I also really enjoyed “guys time” with Grimly, who walked me through the Locked for Infinity workspace. It’s clear the L4I product vision is rooted in safety, quality, and practicality.

Ironically I’m writing this post on a daylong train ride – thousands of miles away from both Scotland and America. Finding time to chronicle our own adventures is best done in dramatic landscape changes, where distractions are minimal – thanks to nonexistent data coverage.

We look forward to seeing the gang from Scotland again soon… hopefully next time for a fortnight!


b-sleepsack-circuit-maskThis photo is of me from a few months ago. M had his leather sleepsack prior to introducing me to kink, so it’s sized for him – but I really like sleepsacks, and absolutely love being bound tight, so we make it work. M ties the straps as tightly as he can, and will sometimes add additional rope or chain to get it as snug as possible.

(The mask in this photo is a wonderfully nerdy Micro-Breathe Latex Enclosure Hood with laser etched circuits from Kink Engineering. We’ll try to do another post just about that mask, though.)

I think part of what I love about being bound up like that is that not only does it just feel good, but it also feels safe. Perhaps a little ironic given that it renders me helpless and under the total control of whoever has me tied up (which is just M), but it’s really amazing and feels great. And yes, I can actually fall asleep in a sleepsack (though I have yet to sleep the entire night in one, because one of us eventually dictates my early release… hopefully one day I’ll make it through the night tied up!). M has even come home on more than one occasion to find me already tucked into a sleepsack, waiting for him.

This might also help explain why I like straightjackets and also am really looking forward to M wrapping me up in plastic wrap and duct tape at some point (partly to make a sleepsack template, and partly just for the fun of it).

Travel , Vacbeds, and Gasmasks

Towards the end of last year M and I had the opportunity to visit this girl and Grimly for more than just the couple of hours our first visit with them afforded us. While in town, we visited a local fetish fair (which Locked For Infinity had a stall at), as well as had the opportunity to meet the lovely folks behind Bound in Latex. We had a really brilliant time.

I also had the opportunity to try out a vacbed for the first time. I can see why some people might not enjoy them, but personally, I absolutely loved it. It was very intense, all-encompassing, and got me into headspace pretty much instantly. The combination of latex and bondage that it provides is a real treat!


While there we also had the opportunity to see some playspaces, and one thing we found particularly funny (and also were jealous of!) were the gasmask collections. M and I are up to about 6 gasmasks between the two of us after our trip to Berlin, but that’s nothing compared to the collections we saw.


Also, we really appreciated the attention to detail and nerdy organization of folks… but I also suppose with that kind of collection, it’s mandatory!

Overall it was one of the most fun weekends we’ve had, just hanging out with other kinky folks and geeking out over a variety of topics (kinky and non-kinky). Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity for more weekends like that this coming year.


Geeking up with SSL and IPv6

In an attempt to keep our geek status cred relevant, recently we enabled both SSL security and IPv6 on the blog. Dreamhost (our hosting provider) facilitates both of these options quite smoothly – both are (mostly) just a few dashboard panel clicks away.

SSL security is the little green box or lock icon in your web browser, which you’ve likely come to expect when logging into your banking site or other sensitive service. Our motivation to add this is to allow secure viewing of our pervy content, where prying eyes of an open wireless cafe may be a concern.

IPv6 is a “next generation Internet Protocol”, which in non-technical speak essentially means that every server (this web site) and client (your computer or mobile) has a unique IP address. The traditional version 4 protocol only supported a limited number of these addresses (remember that the Internet was originally envisioned as a US specific network to stay available in case of nuclear attack – the original design criteria was never meant to scale all around the world). IPv6 significantly increases the pool size of these address, most major content providers (Facebook, Google, Netflix, etc) all support IPv6 natively today. Again, these are both super geeky technical jargon – but the end result is more secure browsing and greater network access.

For others who want to reproduce this, here’s the basic steps:

  • Request an IPv6 address (FREE!), following Dreamhost blog IPv6 announcement.
  • Request an SSL certificate ($15/yr), under the Domains – Secure Hosting – Secure Certificates panel.
  • Update all WordPress generated links to start with HTTPS, instead of HTTP – see convert links forum post.
  • Search and replace existing blog posts to use new HTTPS url, first retrieve database credentials:
# grep DB_
define('DB_NAME', 'kt_blog6');
define('DB_USER', 'kt_blog6_user');
define('DB_PASSWORD', '32fa798d0139f'); # Not our actual password, k thx
define('DB_HOST', '');
  • Login to database with above credentials:
# mysql -u kt_blog6 --password=32fa798d0139f -h kt_blog6
  • Find table containing blog entries:
mysql> SHOW TABLES LIKE '%posts';
| Tables_in_kt_blog6 (%posts) |
| wp_hpnb5m_posts |
  • Change all entries URL and image links to HTTPS
mysql> UPDATE wp_hpnb5m_posts SET post_content = replace(post_content,'','');
Query OK, 78 rows affected (0.01 sec)
Rows matched: 264 Changed: 78 Warnings: 0

Serious Kit – Electrically Engineered

The past spring we had a chance to meet the proprietor of Serious Kit along with several hours to get a look at some of their gear in person. The bespoke company’s focus is, as you could imagine, on serious kit – specifically milking apparatuses. While not their sole item, the majority of the product offering is geared for cocks (though a breast variant is also available).


Perverts turned entrepreneurs bring something special to their products, including ensuring their gear meets their own stringent demands. This could mean years of tinkering with a design, exhaustive quality assurance (tough job!), and of course, stressing over all the little details. This common story is very much true of the SK line, where “our kit is designed by fetishists, not accountants”.


The craftsmanship speaks for itself – a clear departure from the established products (Venus 2000) with a modern, clean design (in fact, bondage furniture was a predecessor business). Each order is handcrafted in the UK, with numerous options; avoiding the “off the rack” factory aspect. The colored tubes indicate flow direction, critical for extended play with the lubrication reservoir. Refurbished milkers receive a beautiful chrome polish. The milkers can be used simply as milkers, or they can have e-stim electrodes integrated as well, depending on the particular model.


We particularly liked the design of the bi and tripolar stainless steel rings for e-stim play. This paired with a butt plug electrode (such as Mr. S Leather’s WMCBP or E-Stim Systems Torpedo) would be sensory overload in the best way possible – bound to produce a “HFO” or hands-free orgasm.

B and I are both fans of multi-hour long sessions, where the bondage turns into a therapeutic escape from everyday stress. Many would call this entering headspace, or focusing so heavily on the experience that all distractions melt away. SK summarized his own experiences in this realm as “It’s about the fun and pleasure… the pleasure that comes from pain”. Professional doms know this all too well, where competing purely on an exhaustive toy collection isn’t enough. Controlling a session, where sensations can be precisely adjusted is one of the primary advantages of the Serious Kit. The design allows for many different knobs to be turned, lending itself to the ability of producing multiple unique sessions using the same equipment.


Though their main focus is intense genital stimulation with the milking machine, Serious Kit has begun to also offer an encompassing full body “neural novel stimulation” experience: the vac suit. The “vac suit” is essentially “a vac bed on acid” – based on a loose catsuit pattern, coupled with the milking machine, and retained vac bed-like suction. The suit is made of chlorinated rubber, both glued and sewn together, and designed as a “one size fits all”. My favorite story gem is “Germans love our suit for watersports, where the milker can suck away {all the mess}!”.

It was truly a pleasure to geek out at Serious Kit headquarters, and we greatly appreciate SK taking the time to show off their kit and talk shop with us. And, personally, I’m certainly hoping Santa can deliver me a HFO for the holidays this year!