Review: Demonia – Paris, France

Demonia is located in a residential neighborhood of Paris. We found a rather large shop, with a huge diversity of the items. In particular PVC was prominent, some latex (mostly molded), decent selection of e-stim wares, and of course the usual lubes, toys, and low quality leather restraints. They did however have a wide variety of latex-friendly lubes and even some cleaning liquids.

Most of the clothing was sized appropriately for Parisians, small to medium ranges – nothing that would fit larger body types.

(Visited November 2014)

Review: McHurt – Berlin, Germany

McHurt is a Berlin-based BDSM shop that specializes in their own leather creations. These range from the usual cuffs, paddles, hoods – to slightly more extreme designs, such as straightjackets, sleepsacks, and related restrictive implements. The quality of the material and designs is of a high standard – we witnessed an extensive fitting of a straightjacket that clearly lasted over twenty minutes.

IMG_2756 IMG_2762

The McHurt strength is clearly leather goods, they stock a few metal, estim, and insertable items – but it’s not a universal appeal BDSM shop. The shop location is a few blocks from a walkable U-Bahn line.

(Visited in late December 2014)

Travel , Vacbeds, and Gasmasks

Towards the end of last year M and I had the opportunity to visit this girl and Grimly for more than just the couple of hours our first visit with them afforded us. While in town, we visited a local fetish fair (which Locked For Infinity had a stall at), as well as had the opportunity to meet the lovely folks behind Bound in Latex. We had a really brilliant time.

I also had the opportunity to try out a vacbed for the first time. I can see why some people might not enjoy them, but personally, I absolutely loved it. It was very intense, all-encompassing, and got me into headspace pretty much instantly. The combination of latex and bondage that it provides is a real treat!


While there we also had the opportunity to see some playspaces, and one thing we found particularly funny (and also were jealous of!) were the gasmask collections. M and I are up to about 6 gasmasks between the two of us after our trip to Berlin, but that’s nothing compared to the collections we saw.


Also, we really appreciated the attention to detail and nerdy organization of folks… but I also suppose with that kind of collection, it’s mandatory!

Overall it was one of the most fun weekends we’ve had, just hanging out with other kinky folks and geeking out over a variety of topics (kinky and non-kinky). Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity for more weekends like that this coming year.


Suiting up

Life happens – we’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time away from home. Friends, family, hobbies, and other commitments have left our schedule with little time for kink. We’ve been at the point of fantasizing about an actual weekend of no obligations, instead of pervy implements or sexual torture – this is no good. Of course this is all quite telling with the low frequency of blog posts – in fact I’m writing this entry during a long 6hr road trip.

On both the adventure front and blog entries, we’re going to try to step these up. In a few weeks we’re heading to Europe for business. Thanks to some creative flight routing, we’ve been able to squeeze in a visit to thisgirl and grimly! The last (and well, frankly first) time we met was very brief, but it was thrilling to “talk shop” with like-minded couple. The spontaneous dungeon tour was a treat too!

As many latex fetishists have experienced, catsuits can be forgiving but also very revealing. They can smooth or soften things out, but if it doesn’t fit – no amount of lube or talc will remedy the situation. Recently B had a chance to don her made-to-measure Libidex alien seduction catsuit. The colors are a mixture of classic black and electric rose, a new combination in our collection. The fit is great; she is hoping to wear this at some fetish clubs in the future.


b-kinky in electric rose/black libidex alien seduction catsuit

b-kinky in electric rose/black libidex alien seduction catsuit