My Wish List

This is a dangerous post to make because I know it’ll be used against me (I hope!). And I’ll probably get into some amount of trouble for not mentioning this post to M, and letting him discover it on his own (hi, hon!).

But, you see, M teases me about only being into kink for his sake. I don’t know if he really understands how much I enjoy it, and that while I might have been new to kink when we first met, I’d been kink-curious for awhile. I was just waiting for the right person — someone that I felt I could trust.

And really, that’s a key thing for me. Trust. You trust your partner, be they top or bottom, with not just your physical health but your mental and emotional health as well, and that is no small thing. Certainly not for me, and likely not for many people. I’m very, very, very lucky in that I can trust M in the way I do, because I honestly never thought I’d find someone like that.

But back to the topic of wish lists! :)

In no particular order, M, any of the following would make me one very happy girl…

  • A nice, long spanking session (maybe with the McHurt paddle?) accompanied by my favorite gag and my heavy Mr. S wrist restraints
  • Several hours of tight sleepsack bondage on the couch with estim and my Blackstyle gasmask with eye covers
  • Hogtied on the bed wearing my favorite spandex, rubber Converse, and a gasmask while you ignore me and continue to work on your computer next to me
  • Wrapped up in plastic wrap with a latex mask (the duct tape might be a bit much the first time…)
  • Tied to the bed, spread eagle, in a latex catsuit, rubber Dr Marten boots, rubber bondage mittens, and a gasmask
  • Some time in the vacbed with estim, perhaps with some ice cubes involved…
  • When we need the house cleaned, perhaps you could motivate me with some rubber and some orgasm denial/reward
  • A full night in the sleepsack
  • Making me lick your rubber boots clean and punishing me if I miss a spot
  • Arranging certain other discussed fantasies that I’m too shy to admit to anyone else

Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive, and more wish list items might be teased out of me under certain circumstances. These also, obviously, exclude my very long wish list of things I would love to do to you, M — but should you want me to post that list, I’d be more than happy to oblige.