Breaking a dry spell with rubber and SEGUFIX

Life continues to get the best of M and I, keeping us both ridiculously busy. We’ve been fitting in a bit of kink here and there, visiting shops and crafters when the opportunity arises (we recently had the opportunity to stop by Latex Nemesis, for example)… but kink has been pretty sparse in our lives lately.

Rubber and bondage are two things we both enjoy a great deal, and I’ll be the first to admit, it’s been months since we’ve been able to play with either seriously. This has made both of us just a little cranky.

This weekend we broke that dry spell, though, and M was kind enough to take photos.

B in rubber

The gas mask is a favorite of mine – it includes a heavy rubber collar on it with a buckle. The catsuit is from Libidex and is made to measure. Even more exciting, though, I got to wear my all-rubber Converse. And the absolutely cherry on top was the SEGUFIX-like leg restraints (we have waist/wrist restraints as well, but M chose to use my heavy Mr. S leather wrist restraints with rope instead). They are so comfortable, quiet, and unrelentingly firm. And you really, truly can’t escape.

Rubber sneakers

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try SEGUFIX (or a knock-off) yet, I highly recommend it. It is not cheap, but it is very much worth it.

It was really wonderful to be covered head to toe in rubber again, and something I’ve missed very much. This weekend’s fun left a big smile on my face (the two orgasms probably helped a little with that, too) — hopefully we’ll get to repeat that again soon.

Bondage Tape

I’ve been curious about bondage tape for a little while, but have yet to buy some. Stopping by a store today, I saw some on display that could be touched. I have to say, I was pretty disappointed in it. It actually doesn’t look that good and doesn’t feel like I’d hoped. Yes, it’s shiny… but it feels low quality, and that’s a big turn-off.

I think this has made my decision for me, in that if I do want to play around with something like bondage tape, it would be best if I picked up something like this rubberĀ bandageĀ from Fettered Pleasures. I imagine M would be happier with that as well.

First Latex Project: Simple Circle Skirt Pattern

First Latex Project: Simple Circle Skirt Pattern