Shiny Boots


I’ve been meaning to write about my nice shiny Dr.┬áMarten boots for a few months now. I’ve had a pair of the rubber Drench boots in matte green for awhile, and they are awesome. Particularly as both M and I enjoy both Dr. Marten boots and rubber, we were very excited when they first became available.

Fast forward to a post-Burning Man boot cleaning incident where I thought I’d destroyed my green boots (pro pervert tip: don’t let rubber soak in water because it’ll temporarily discolor and you’ll freak out). Of course this happens before we head to Europe, where I had wanted to wear my lovely rubber boots.

In my hunt for some replacement boots, I discovered that a new version of the Drench was available – in a nice-and-shiny finish. Unfortunately, they were only available in Europe. Lucky for me, I was about to spend some time there and a friend we planned to visit was kind enough to receive them and hold onto them for me.

The boots themselves are very comfy, though potentially a bit too warm in the heat – I had previously worn my green pair to Folsom Street Festival two years ago and it was a bit much. But that makes them all the more lovely in the winter and the rain. If you’re not in the UK, good luck getting a pair of the patent finish ones… it is worth the effort, though, if you’re into shiny rubber. ;)