Rubbering Together

B has mocked me for long enough, it’s time for my first post. This is all very ironic, since I was the one who originally suggested we do a blog together! I suppose at the time, I was trying one of my famous new relationship “challenges” – was she willing and ready to admit our kinks in an quasi-anonymous open dialog? All of my close personal friends know about my “extra curricular activities”, to some extent – that I tend to be a pervert in the bedroom and those who date me quickly follow suit. Sadly my friends also tend to have fairly vanilla sex lives – thankfully we find common interests among traveling, good food and amusement.

Instead of lamenting about relationship drama (we’re not poly – sorry, no scheduling fetish here) or strict protocol language (we aren’t a 24/7 lifestyle couple); the theme here is documenting some of our bedroom… err dungeon and kitchen discoveries. This project also gives us a bit of focus together, helping build our technical and crafting skills in a pleasurable manner. It’s refreshing to see similar “behind the scenes” adventures, from Fetish Kitsch, Kink Engineering, and of course the unstoppable JG Leathers. Hopefully we’ll be able to pass on some laughs and groans along the way… so welcome!