Kinky Comfort

Trying to fall asleep by myself in bed last night, I could do anything but sleep. I eventually gave up and reached for a vibrator and a mask to see if that would help me relax and drift off. It was quick and nothing special, but it did the trick to relax me… just not enough to fall into slumber.

I pulled the neoprene hood off. It’s one of my favorites. I love it when M wears it. I really like wearing it. It’s surprisingly comfortable and sexy, with only an opening for the mouth and chin.

I pulled the hood off and tried to relax, tried to let sleep overtake me. And then it hit me. And I pulled the hood back on and just laid there in the dark. And it was exactly what I needed.

When M puts me in the sleepsack, I’ve come to beg him to tighten it around me. It’s made for him, and so I have space to move around inside it, but I beg for him to tie the straps tightly around me.

The hood was similar in a lot of ways. It was comforting. Wearing it made my mind forget about everything else that was racing through it, and instead focus on that feeling.

I eventually slipped the hood off again, and fell asleep thinking about the next time M will tighten the straps around me and slip that hood on me. It was exactly what I needed.

M jokes that when we stop dating one day, that I’ll be like his previous girlfriends, and shrug off the kink, giving it up when I give up him. I hope that day doesn’t happen, but even if it does, I now know that kink won’t be disappearing from my life.