Suiting up

Life happens – we’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time away from home. Friends, family, hobbies, and other commitments have left our schedule with little time for kink. We’ve been at the point of fantasizing about an actual weekend of no obligations, instead of pervy implements or sexual torture – this is no good. Of course this is all quite telling with the low frequency of blog posts – in fact I’m writing this entry during a long 6hr road trip.

On both the adventure front and blog entries, we’re going to try to step these up. In a few weeks we’re heading to Europe for business. Thanks to some creative flight routing, we’ve been able to squeeze in a visit to thisgirl and grimly! The last (and well, frankly first) time we met was very brief, but it was thrilling to “talk shop” with like-minded couple. The spontaneous dungeon tour was a treat too!

As many latex fetishists have experienced, catsuits can be forgiving but also very revealing. They can smooth or soften things out, but if it doesn’t fit – no amount of lube or talc will remedy the situation. Recently B had a chance to don her made-to-measure Libidex alien seduction catsuit. The colors are a mixture of classic black and electric rose, a new combination in our collection. The fit is great; she is hoping to wear this at some fetish clubs in the future.


b-kinky in electric rose/black libidex alien seduction catsuit

b-kinky in electric rose/black libidex alien seduction catsuit

So much for a lazy summer…

Both M and I have been non-stop busy this summer year, between work and side projects. It has been a big deal for us to even cook dinner two nights in a row, which explains the lack of both tofu and kink on Kinky Tofu. Honestly, it’s been awesome in some ways (fun and exciting things going on!), and a huge bummer in others (aforementioned lack of kink and time).

We have managed to fit in a bit of fun here and there, though, including a visit to The Stockroom earlier in the summer where we found the Oxballs 3-Way Triple Penetrator. No, we didn’t purchase it (yet), but as with all things Oxballs, we were impressed by it. I swear, they only employ evil geniuses over there.

We did pick up some other toys over the summer, though, and M ordered a made-to-measure catsuit and dress from Libidex for me, which are lovely (photos to come soon, I hope!).

And while we also haven’t managed to finish our write-up on our visit with the genius behind Serious Kit from the late spring, it should be said that he was lovely, generous with his time, and it was amazing to get to see the kit in person (a milking machine is most certainly on our wishlist). And hopefully soon we’ll have the time to finish our write-up on our conversation with him.

We did attend Burning Man which was, as always, lots of fun. I’ll follow up with a more specific post on that as it deserves it.

And finally, we’ve also been working with a friend on a proper logo, which we will hopefully have done and featured on this site by the end of the year. (Yes, I might be mentioning these things to try to make sure they actually happen… it really has been a crazy year.)

Despite our continued lack of free time, I have made M schedule in a full kinky weekend for us. And hopefully prior to that, we’ll be able to carve out a Saturday as well. It’s a good problem to have, being busy with interesting projects and adventures… but I think we’ve both missed more serious kink in our lives the last few months.