Mr. S Leather

If you haven’t been to Mr. S Leather in San Francisco, CA, then you are seriously missing out. It is the biggest and baddest kink and fetish store around. While it largely caters to the gay male community, it still has plenty to please any pervert.

So, of course, whenever the opportunity arises, M and I stop by Mr. S.

M has been a customer for years, but he just introduced me to this wonderful (and admittedly, initially terrifying) store about a year ago. Oh the difference a year makes… No longer the shy girl out of her depth, M’s previous assessment of my reaction at The Stockroom in LA is appropriate even now: I was a kid in a candy store.

One of the truly great things about Mr. S is that the staff are incredibly helpful, incredibly knowledgable, and incredibly nice. On a prior trip to Mr. S when M had been considering a particular cockring, they encouraged us to go into the dressing room and “try it on”. If you have any questions — and I mean *any* — they will try to help, and often come up with great solutions to challenges or suggest the perfect product.

While the damage was not insignificant to my bank account, it could have easily been much worse. As anyone into kink and BDSM knows, it is typically not a cheap hobby. But it is a ridiculous amount of fun. And I finally own my own pair of fancy locking wrist restraints.