Burning Man and Exhibitionism

Last year at Burning Man, I volunteered to be the spankee for a demo in a spanking class. It ended up being an incredibly small class (of 2 others), but it was a nice easy introduction to spanking and a little exhibitionism.

This year, I once again volunteered for the spanking demo. This time the class was in the afternoon, and rather than an audience of 2, it was closer to 40. Knowing my spanker and having had him spank me the year before (and he delivers a damn fine spanking), I was actually pretty comfortable… but it definitely was a new experience for me. Who knew I’d be showing off my ass to 40 strangers?

And you know what? I liked it. It made M laugh a bit, but he was supportive and it was really great to have him as part of my after-care. He certainly benefited from it as well. And it has also spurred some interesting and fun discussions between us about possible future kinky adventures.


Aside from the spanking and a quick trip to Retrofrolic for my cocksucking certification, we unfortunately didn’t see much of the kinky camps on playa this year. We usually manage at least a couple visits for parties and to see the dungeon spaces, and we specifically meant to at least make it to the FetLife Meet ‘n Greet… but, well, Burning Man happened.

That wasn’t the end of our kinky escapades on the playa, though, since we always bring a few things with us, and after the man burns we usually get up to some trouble.

M helped me put on our darlex straight jacket from Winter Fetish just outside of our trailer. He then slipped a spandex mask with built in eye mask over my head, so I couldn’t see. He then threatened to parade me in front of our camp mates and into our main camp area.

In lieu of doing more of the time consuming hard-core kinky stuff this year, since we’ve been so busy, we’ve been trying to incorporate little bits of kink here and there. One thing we’ve been doing a lot of is talking and sharing scenario ideas and fantasies. And, well, this happened to be something we’d discussed.

M’s threat was terrifying, but also kind of exciting. I begged him not to. He insisted he was going to. And meanwhile, since we were standing outside of our trailer, and not inside of it, some camp mates did see me sporting the straight jacket and hood. I still have no clue who, as M refuses to tell me.

Eventually he relented and helped me into our trailer where he proceeded to torture and tease me in numerous ways. I don’t think I’m particularly loud (M disagrees with me on this), but the right combination of things that night ensured I was very loud that night. Good thing we were at Burning Man and not at home.

It was a lovely burn night overall, and one I wouldn’t mind a repeat of in the future. Though M insists that next year he’s dragging me into the middle of camp to show me off. I don’t know about that… though hopefully we will make it to some more kinky camps and actually have a chance to enjoy some of the bondage furniture people are nice enough to bring to the desert.